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Twin Peaks to host car washes for victims of Uvalde shooting

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

BRYAN, TX (June 2, 2022) The Eagle

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Aggieland residents can have their car washed for $5, however, any additional donations are greatly appreciated, according to Clint Hurry, general manager for the Twin Peaks location off North Earl Rudder Freeway.

“As managers, it was a surprise to us that we would be able to do this for these families,” he said. “The idea was brought forth by our owners — the Rosas, John, Joe and Ricky — who thought it was important that we as a company help contribute to offset some of the heartaching costs that were unexpected by the unfortunate tragedy that happened in Uvalde.”

Ricky Rosa said he and his brothers initiated a car wash concept over the summer in order to support various charities, and they alternate between different charities.“Because of the Uvalde incident that happened there, it is very unfortunate, and this is the least we could do to share with the community there and those families out there that were left behind,” Ricky Rosa said Thursday. “It is about the community and being there in good times and bad. Growing up, my brothers and I had good times and bad and we understood what that meant to us as a family. When you are left with a scar to show for in bad times, you kind of take the sweet moments, too.”

This is about being there for others in a time of need, Ricky said, and nothing like this incident compares to any personal life experiences for him and his brothers.

“It is just a sad situation and a sad moment, and this is our way to show our support for the community by raising money to help soften this time they are going through,” Ricky Rosa said. “We appreciate all the support from Bryan and College Station residents and students and the community embracing this opportunity to being able to raise money for a cause and help heal some hearts. We have nine restaurants in total that we will be participating in a car wash and all of them will be donating their proceeds to Uvalde.”

The other eight participating Twin Peaks restaurants locations are in Beaumont, Corpus Christi, five locations in Houston, and one in Indianapolis.

The car wash will be located outside the restaurant along the service access road on the freeway for maximum exposure, Hurry said.

“We have nine locations within our franchise group that are going to participate at the same time on the same day in the car wash,” he said. “We are going to compile all of those proceeds together and we will write a check.”

The Rosa Brothers founded their company in 2009 and have raised over $250,000 with past in-store efforts to support important and meaningful community causes year-round to support America’s veterans, service members and families by working with organizations such as Folds of Honor, the USO South Texas, Wounded Warriors Project, Wish for Our Heroes and Indy Veterans, according to a Thursday press release.

About Avalanche Food Group

Founded in 2009 by brothers, John, Joe and Ricky Rosa, Avalanche Food Group has been on a mission to create memorable experiences for customers, employees, and communities through exceptional service that exceed industry standards. Avalanche Food Group owns and operates eight Twin Peaks locations - seven within Texas in the Greater Houston Area, Bryan, Beaumont and Corpus Christi, and one in Indianapolis. In Summer 2021 AFG expanded their portfolio and opened the first-ever franchise of Bread Zeppelin in Spring, Texas.

About Twin Peaks

Founded in 2005 in the Dallas suburb of Lewisville, Twin Peaks now has 87 locations in the US and Mexico. Twin Peaks is the ultimate sports lodge featuring made-from-scratch food and the coldest beer in the business surrounded by scenic views and the latest in high-definition TVs. At every Twin Peaks, guests are immediately welcomed by a friendly Twin Peaks Girl and served up a menu made for MVPs. From its smashed and seared-to-order burgers to its in-house smoked brisket, pork and wings, guests can expect menu items capable of satisfying every appetite. For more information, visit

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