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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We are proud to introduce our newest General Manager, Jasmine!

While Jasmine may be new to this position, she is not new to Avalanche and has been with us for many years. She began her Avalanche journey as a Twin Peaks Girl, quickly becoming a guest favorite because of her warm personality and dynamite smile! When Jasmine told us she wanted to explore a management position, we already knew she had the right stuff and jumped at the chance to promote her to Shift Leader.

Jasmine’s star shone bright as she showed us what she was capable of, leading to a promotion to Assistant Manager at one of our busiest locations. Our management training can be intense and we expect a lot of our managers when they’re within our walls. Jasmine was ready and willing to give it her all though because she recognized that we give a lot in return.

Jasmine’s years as an Assistant Manager have allowed her to truly learn what it means to be a leader and how to provide our guests with true hospitality and not just great customer service. We look forward to her using that knowledge and experience in her new position as General Manager.

Jasmine’s journey perfectly illustrates our core values of Accountability and Greatness. She has enthusiastically met every challenge set before her and has served as a leader every step of the way. We are confident in her ability to lead herself and, in turn, our organization to greatness. Congratulations, Jasmine!



The fact that each of us has a leader and each of us serves as a leader, keeps us accountable to ourselves and to each other. Each of us owns the outcome of each task and project we are assigned.



Our daily objective to improve on something every day, can only lead to greatness. We pride ourselves on exceptional execution and we regularly recognize and reward those who create great outcomes.

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