Ice cold brews and charm at Beaumont’s Twin Peaks

This past May, Beaumont welcomed another sports bar-type chain restaurant with an address along Interstate 10. Big surprise, huh?

Usually, these places aren’t worth a lot of discussion, but lately the town has been buzzing about the new Twin Peaks Restaurant near Tinseltown.

Looking past the obvious innuendo, you’ll discover a clean, recently remodeled eatery with tasty comfort food, an attractive staff and a bar selection that will make anyone blush.

Widely known as a lumberjack-themed “breastaurant,” Twin Peaks locations are modeled after wooden ski lodges with waitresses in cleavage-bearing plaid tops and Daisy Duke cut-offs.

The new Beaumont location has plenty of skin and seating. Besides a floor covered with wooden tables and chairs, a spacious bar has no fewer than 50 stools.

Open seven days a week, this place really packs them in.

Customers can watch any sporting event of their choice on the 73 televisions hung along the walls. Almost every seat in the house has a viewable angle, and every booth has its own TV.

“Twin Peaks menu features made-from-scratch comfort food items, freezing cold draft beers served at a chilly 29 degrees and tons of drinks that are sure to please,” said Twin Peaks Beaumont manager Eric Moore.

During the week, customers can stop by for happy hour specials Monday through Friday, 2-6 p.m. and 10 p.m. to close. Discounted items include $2 sliders, $5 teasers and $1 off all “man-size” drafts.

I saw people of all ages, men and women eating together and families with grandparents and children.

Just because the name and outfits are a little provocative doesn’t mean you have to keep your spouse and kids at home.

I was pleasantly surprised by the menu, which offers a variety of items at decent prices. It’s the type of place to order a bunch of appetizers to share with friends.

Try the venison chili and picnic pulled pork sliders. The venison chili is the perfect snack on a day you wish was cold outside. The sliders are a mix of sweet and tangy flavors.

Aside from the food, this type of restaurant thrives because of the waitstaff. At night, Twin Peaks has more of a guys-night-out kind of vibe. The Twin Peaks girls offer charm and good looks while customers enjoy big, juicy burgers and Southern-style chicken fried steak and gravy at a reasonable price.

“For me, Twin Peaks is a lively and adventurous dining experience where my customers can always find something new and exciting going on,” said 22-year-old bartender Brittany Richmond.

Born and raised in Beaumont, Richmond loves all the different local folks she gets to serve at her new job.

What’s your favorite part about working at Twin Peaks? All the socializing we get to do.

Favorite drink to recommend for a beer drinker? That would have to be Twin Peaks’ in-house brew called the Naughty (Knotty) Brunette, served at a freezing 29 degrees.

What’s your favorite music to listen to? Fun, dance music, of course!

What’s your favorite mixed drink on the menu? The sweet and tangy Hard Cherry Cider. It’s a potent cocktail that includes Bacardi Torch Cherry vodka, Angry Orchard crisp apple cider and sweet and sour mix.

Your dream meal at Twin Peaks would include the pulled pork sliders and definitely the pot roast. It’s so good you would think your mom made it!

What are you doing when you aren’t at work? Traveling to Houston with friends for concerts.