Our Thing- is Exceptional Service! We love to hear what our customers think and we are so proud of Rachel Green from Shenandoah for her amazing commitment and practicing the AFG values by treating our guest like family!

Check out the letter below from one of our loyal customers! #LUVIT

Subject: Exceptional service

Just like to write to mention an exceptional employee.

I and my wife are regular customer of you restaurant in Shenandoah, TX and would like to thank you for the wonderful food, atmosphere and especially the girls. In particular we would like to mention a waitress we know only as Rachel.

We are an elderly couple, actually we are really old. I am 78 and my wife will shortly be 73. (I know that kinda makes me a cradle-robber, huh.) We both enjoy your food and we try to be there every Tuesday so we can catch Rachel on her only day shift. She mostly works at night(when we can’t get out because neither of us drive at night). She cares for us like even our own kids and grandkids should but don’t. My wife has a great deal of mobility problems and Rachel is always quick to look for us and take my wife’s arm to get her to our table. I especially like the way she is so gentle and caring for Kathy. It means a lot to both of us, especially me. In so many restaurants, old folks are shuttled off to some place where they can be out of the way and ignored……not so with Twin Peaks.

All your people seem to be well trained to be friendly, helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and to give great service but Rachel is special. We never have to wait to be served, my beer is always cold and the food is wonderful. I can currently awaiting dentures so with no teeth, your Green Chili Meatloaf is the best thing I can eat.

Anyhow congratulations on maintaining a level of excellence seldom seen now days. And I especially like like management to acknowledge the special service Rachel bring to this restaurant. I hope our thanks will be passed on to her. She should be used to train other girls and shown as an example.

Thanks so much, George and Kathy